14. 3
Int. Show in Kristiansand, Norway

Elmelund's VIP Attitude CAC and 3rd best male
Elmelund's Daredevil 2nd best male and BIS Veteran


15. 3
Club Show in Kristiansand, Norway

Elmelund's VIP Attitude CAC and 3rd best male
Elmleund's Daredevil Best male, BOS and BIS Veteran


1. March
Club Show, Denmark

"Elmelund's Daredevil" Best Of Breed and BIS 3
"Elmelund's Bling Bling In The Ring" BOB Baby Puppy an BIS 2 Baby Puppy


1. February

Elvis - Elmelund's VIP Attitude

BIS in Årslev



Carlos 3rd best Veteran of the year in Danish Kennel klub

#2 best Cocker of the year in DKK


Elvis BOB - BOG -BIS2
Big DKK open Galla-show in Årslev
(Pictures later)



Elmelund's VIP Attitude - BOS + CAC
Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen - Res.CAC




Puppies are born....after Charbonnel Blue 'n' Yellow and Elmelund's Wauw-Wauw


DKK open show in Årslev - Elvis BOB, BIG and BIS2


DKK int. show in Hillerød

Elmelund's Daredevil - BOB + Best Veteran
Copenhagen Winner 2014 - Copenhagen Veteran Winner 2014



3 days, 3 shows in Soltau, Germany

3 x BOB
2 x BIS 1
1 x BIS 2
1 x Supreme BIS
4x Junior CAC
3 x Junior CAC Club
3 x CAC
1 x Res. CAC
3 x Best Veteran
3 x Veteran CAC
3 x Veteran CAC Club

We are very proud of our results - a lot of Spaniels entered every day.


29. may

Elmelund's Daredevil BOB and BIS Veteran

We had a super nice day yesterday at FDA Certificat show. Carlos shined like a diamond and looked absolutely gorgeous in the ring - not to believe that he is 9. He was also shortlisted in BIS.

Elmelund's VIP Attitude 4th Best male
Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen 4th Best bitch

Thanks for a very nice day with good friends and lots of lovely dogs, and thanks to breed judge Gunnar…..and BIS Veteran judge Erling …for appreciating our dogs.


18. may

Danish Kennel Club Hedensted

Elmelund's Daredevil BOB + best Veteran

Elmelund's VIP Attitude 1. in junior class and male

Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen 1. in intermediate class + 4th. best bitch


10. maj

Int. show in Roskilde

BIS Veteran
Elmelund's Daredevil

In a huge line up, with lots of beautiful veterans from many breeds our lovely boy was best of all. He was flying through the ring and outshined all the others.
We are so proud of him!
Same day, he was best Cocker male and BOS

Cockergold All My Life and Elmelund's Daredevil


4. maj

DKK open show in Årslev

Elmelund's Daredevil BIS Veteran
Elmelund's VIP Attitude BOB + BIG


26. april

Int. show i Lingen, Germany

BEST IN SHOW Breeders group
Elmelund's Daredevil
Elmelund's Wauw-Wauw
Elmelund's VIP Attitude

BIS 2 Veteran
Elmelund's Daredevil

Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen

German Junior CAC
Elmelund's VIP Attitude


Breeders Group


BIS 2 veteran


Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen


1. marts

Spanielklubbens Certifikatudstilling i Hårslev

Carlos BIS Veteran og 3. bedste han



DKK skue Årslev

Bedste Cocker og Bedst i Gruppe 8
Elvis - Elmelund's VIP Attitude


Bedst i modsat køn
Queen - Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen
Stort tillykke til ejer Bente Gormsen - super godt gået



26. januar

Certifikat-udstilling i Spanielklubben, Stoholm

Carlos - bedste han og BIM
Senere BIS Veteran



25. januar

Certifikat-udstilling i Spanielklubben, Stoholm

BIS 1 hvalp
Elmelund's VIP Attitude (Elvis)

BIS 2 hvalp
Elmelund's VIP Quality (Carmen)

Fantastisk flot gået af vores to små charmetrole - der var hård konkurrence fra de andre racer i klubben.
Stort tillykke til Leif og Katarina, Norge med deres lille Vega-datter.



(Sorry - not all results are updated on this page)


We are so proud to announce that all our dogs now are champions

(except little Elvis who is too young)



5 sweet puppies after CH Charbonnel Swedish Model and CH Elmelund's Daredevil are born. 1 black male, 1 black girl, 1 red girl an 2 red boys.

(all reserved)





Our little new star Elmelund's VIP Attitude (after Elmelund's Wauw-Wauw and Ozzie Black Petrs) had a fantastic year.
Many BIS placements as a Baby puppy and puppy.
We are so happy and proud and very excited about 2014.

Elvis - "Elmelund's VIP Attitude"



24th. November

Last show of the year. CAC show in L. Skensved

Breed specialist Lillian Johnsson


Elmelund's Wauw-What A Diva - 2nd best bitch and CAC - NEW DANISH SHOW CHAMPION

Elmelund's Daredevil - 2nd best male

Elmelund's VIP Attitude Best Puppy




NOV. 2013

Elmelund's Daredevil - Carlos has sired 9 puppies at Kennel Sundew. Lots of congratulations.


2nd nov.

DKK int. show in Herning

Elmelund's VIP Attitude Best Puppy
Elmelund's Wauw - What A Diva 3rd best bitch and res. CAC
Elmelund's Daredevil 3rd. best male


4th August

Charbonnel Swedish Model - 2nd best bitch

3rd August

Charbonnel Swedish Model - 3rd. best bitch



29th June

Double show in Sabro

1. show - Elmelund's Daredevil best male and BOB Elmelund's Daredevil 2nd best male


16th June

Int. DKK show in Vejen

Elmelund's Wauw - What A Diva - Res. CAC

11th June

The Puppies now have their names. No less than a VIP litter!

Elmelund's VIP Attitude - Red male
Elmelund's VIP Style - Red male
Elmelund's For VIP Only - Black/tan male
Elmelund's VIP Quality - Red bitch
Elmelund's Made For VIP - Red bitch
Elmelund's VIP Experience - Red bitch


1th June

Elmelund's Daredevil BEST IN SHOW 3 Veteran at the international show in Neumünster Germany

26th May

CAC show i Allerup

Elmelund's Wauw-What A Diva - 2nd. best bitch + CAC

Elmelund's Daredevil 3rd best male


20th May

Elmelund's Daredevil BEST IN SHOW VETERAN, DKK show in Svendborg


12th May

Elmelund's Daredevil BEST IN SHOW 2 VETERAN, international show in Dortmund, Germany.

also two new titles:

VDH Europa Veteran Sieger
VDH Frühjahrs Veteran Sieger

Look at that happy tale.....


New German Junior - Champion

Elmelund's Hot Rapsody Queen



5th May int. show Roskilde

Elmelund's Daredevil 4th best male

4th May int. show in Roskilde

Elmelund's Daredevil 3rd best Male



28th April

Jubii - puppies are born. Vega is now the proud mother of 6 beautiful puppies.

2 red boys, 1 black/tan boy and 3 red boys.

(all reserved)




Our sweet Diego - "Winlines' You Give Me Something"
has sired 5 beautiful, black puppies at breeder Heidi Højbjergs kennel - congratulations



Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey - 3rd best bitch + res.CAC

Show in l. Skensved


We are expecting puppies after DKUCH Elmelund's Wauw-Wauw og Multi CH Ozzie Black Petrs.
All puppies will be optigen tested.



Please contact us, if you are interested in a puppy from this litter.


20th January


Honey -CH "Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey" - 4th best bitch

CAC show Stoholm




Sorry the news has dissapeared



Cocker of the year - Elmelund's Daredevil


Last show of the year:

Elmelund's Wauw-Wauw - Best bitch

Charbonnel Swedish Model - 2nd best bitch

Elmelund's Daedevil - 2nd. best male


We expect puppies in the beginning of June - see more under "puppies"

Last show

Stepping 2.6.2011

"Elmelund's Wauw - Wauw" best bitch, BOS and CAC. Only her 3 show in DK

"Elmelund's Daredevil" 2 nd. best male

Elmelund's Wauw - Wauw (Vega)



Allerup 29. 5. 2011

"Charbonnel Swedish Model" best bitch, BOS and CAC. Now Danish Show-Champion

"Elmelund's Wauw - Wauw" 4th best bitch.

"Elmelund's Daredevil" 3th best male.

Charbonnel Swedish Model (Maggie)



Dortmund 7.5.2011

"Elmelund's Wauw - Wauw" BOB

"Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey" CACIB

Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey



Næstved 23. 4. 2011

"Elmelund's Wauw - Wauw" Best bitch, BOS and CAC

"Elmelund's Daredevil" 2nd best male

"Elmelund's Wauw - Wauw"


Lille Skensved 5. 3. 2011

"Elmelund's Daredevil" BOB

"Charbonnel Swedish Model" 1th in Open class and 4th best bitch

"Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey" 2nd in Open Class

Elmelund's Daredevil



Fredericia 13. 2. 2011

"Elmelund's Daredevil" BOB



Kennel Elmelund wish you a merry Christmas

and a happy New Year



Sorry - the 2010 news have disappeared



You black beauty - Maggie (Charbonnel Swedish Model) got her 2 nd. CAC this weekend. She was also 2nd. best bitch.

Thanks to judge Janek Ludowit.





Elmelund's Daredevil

New International Champion






31.08.09 was a funny weekend at the annul Gold Cup show in the Danish Spaniel Klub.
Our dogs were placed very different the two days.....but all in all it was quite good:

Charbonnel Swedish Model "Best Bitch 3" (Saturday)

Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey "Best Bitch 3" (Sunday)

Elmelund's Daredevil "Best Male 3" (Sunday)


Elmelund's Daredevil BOB, new NORWEGIAN CHAMPION and qualifyid for CRUFTS

at the Int. show in Oslo

Fantastic news from our trip to Oslo in Norway. My absolute favourite, Carlos were abroad for the first time in more than a year.
He was so happy to be in the ring again. With lots af attitude and carisma he took BOB. There were so many beautiful cockers present at the show,
so we are very proud and honoured, that our boy was chosen as the best one.

Thank you, Virginie Lyne, Canada
and lots of congratulations to the beautiful "Travis Main Course" winning "Best Bitch"



1. 8. 2009

International CACIB-show in Bremen

Diego "Winline's You Give Me Something" Best Male

Lots of thanks to judge Thamas Jakkel and also lots of congratulations to Theres and Börje Johanssons "Allert's Victory Lap"
winning BOB and later BIS3.



July 2009

We have fantastic news from Germany - Our Diego has sired a litter of 8 at Kennel
Cocker Vom Wikingerland. Lots of congratulations to Tanja. See more on

Fibie and the puppies



Diego "Winline's You Give Me Something" BEST OF BREED and

2. IN THE GROUP at the int. Show in Neumünster.

Elmelund's Show Me The Money Honey was intermidiate Class and she took Res. CACIB

Charbonnel Swedish Model was 1. in Open Class








Diego has mated a lovely red bitch - "Daily Mail vom Schloß Hellenstein" (Fibie) at kennel

"Cocker vom Wikingerland" in Flensborg in Germany. Please contact Tanja Sandfort for

more information: Telefon: 04635 - 292207 Email:


Fibie and Diego - love at first sight




What a wonderful day !!!!

At the international show in Ålborg our Maggie "Charbonnel Swedish Model" was BOB,
got the CAC and CACIB and qualified for Crufts.

Diego "Winline's You Give Me Something" took his final CAC and is now Danish Show Champion.

BOB - Charbonnel Swedish Model




Diva has given birth to 8 beautiful black puppies. 4 boys and 4 girls.

See more under "puppies"



We now know for sure that Diva is expecting puppies in april.

Please contact us for more information.



Diego has mated another lovely red bitch - Natisja's Morning Dew "Freja"



Diego "Winline's You Give Me Something" has mated our black bitch Diva

and we hope to have puppies in april.



Diego has mated a lovely red bitch - Culpepers Queen Of Mercy "Sally"

who lives at Kennel Culpeper



Wonderful news !!!

"Elmelund's Chipleader" has hip score A/A

Congratulations to his owners Sanne and Flemming Knudsen.




We wish all our friends around the world a


We are looking forward to see you all i 2009



Winline's You Give Me Something

Best in Show

This sunday Diego took his 3. CAC got BOB and BIS

Lots of, lots of thanks to judges Börje Johansson and Lilian Jonsson.





Diego got his HD-result - A/B
He is Optigen Normal/Clear by parentage
Now offered at stud



Our Kevin has mated Hammeken's Iris - see more under "puppies"


YAHOOO !!!! Diego "Winline's You Give Me Something" took his 2. CAC. to day only 13 months old. Lots of
thanks to judge Moray Armstrong (UK) - for the CAC and for this fantastic critique:

Top quality black dog, super head, well constructed body, excellent bone and feet,
short deep body, strong topline, in beautiful coat and condition, moves well - a real cocker.

Once again many thanks to Petra Funke, Kennel Winline (S), for this SUPER boy. And many thanks to Line Willadsen
for the handling.

Winline's You Give Me Something
Thanks to Lotte and Michael Kristensen, Kennel Galaksi / Cockergold for this lovely picture.



A New Star has arrived at Kennel Elmelund

This time only 2 legs though !

Please welcome our little Noah - the best thing that ever happened to us.



At the annual Gold Cup Show Diego "Winline's You Give Me Something" took his first CAC.
Lots of thanks to judge Petr Studenik.

Our sweetheart Maggie "Charbonnel Swedish Model" also did very well this weekend.
Both days she was placed 2. in big junior classes af 12 - only 10 month old....we are so pleased with her.

Charbonnel Swedish Model



Today we had an Open Show in our garden at Kennel Elmelund. 40 dogs were entered and we had a wonderful day in spite of the weather.
I am looking forward to welcome lots of people again next summer.



Res.World Winner 2008 Elmelund's Daredevil

At the World Dog Show in Stockholm Carlos got Res. C.A.C




20. 01. 2008

Meet Maggie

Please welcome our late Christmas present. Thank you so much Sandy Platt and
Monica Forsander for letting us have this wonderful Charbonnel girl.
She is absolutely adorable.

Maggie is the daughter of Manaca's Undesingned Dream and Charbonnel War Hero

Warhero tom Manacas
tom tom tom
Charbonnel Warhero   Manaca's Undesingned Dream